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Christopher Gray

Media & Communications Specialist

Washington, District of Columbia

Christopher works as a Media Relations Specialist for the U.S. Green Building
Council in Washington, D.C.

Christopher moved to DC in 2013 to continue his career as a non-profit public
relations professional with an emphasis on environmental advocacy and public
health. Prior to moving to DC, Christopher spent 3 years as an intern at the
Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence, where he was also a student
member of the board. Christopher later worked for the Sierra Club as the
Campaign Director and Field Organizer for the Clean Air Defense Campaign in
Hampton Roads, Virginia, and then in a public relations capacity for the
American Red Cross's Coastal Virginia Chapter.

Since moving to DC, Christopher has worked as a communications professional
for Population Action International, DrFirst, and USGBC. He was also the
Environmental Issues Policy Caucus Chair as well as the Vice-Chair of the
Health Policy Caucus for the Virginia Young Democrats from March 2014-March
2015. Christopher is highly engaged as a volunteer for other organizations
such as Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, NARAL-Pro Choice
Virginia and Miriam's Kitchen. He is an enthusiastic hiker, yogi, cyclist and
nature lover with a deep appreciation for Continental Philosophy, French
semiotic theory and an enthusiastic student of South Asian
epistemology/Gandhian Philosophy.

Christopher has a BA in History and Political Communication from James
Madison University and a MA in Communication & Rhetorical Studies from
Syracuse University.