David Rozek | U.S. Green Building Council
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David Rozek

Chicago, IL

Inventor David Rozek, and his side kick Charlie Beans have worked hard in the
past 25 years creating over 300 inventions, and one day wishes to overtake
his idol Thomas Edison, whom has created almost 1100 patents before the age
of 84.

Mr. Rozek is not your typical inventor, it is said that he has a great
affinity with both mechanical, and electronic devices such as DaVinci did. As
an independent entrepreneur, Mr. Rozek has formed numerous partnerships, and
has developed his products for dozens of fortune 500 companies worldwide.

As the automobile industry has begun to change from fossil fuel powered cars
to Hybrid, and Electric Vehicles (EV), Mr. Rozek had focused much of his
efforts on more efficient batteries that could power an electric car (EV) for
days with a single charge. Currently, Mr. Rozek is in the process of creating
a New Resistance Charged Battery that will power a vehicle for years by
applying similar principles used in Nuclear Submarines, and is busy designing
LED lighting solutions that are long lasting, and affordable for end users.

Energy efficient lighting was not always a passion of Mr. Rozek's. It took a family member that suffered from light sensitivity, and migraines to open his eyes to the damage that fluorescent lighting was causing our children, and the toxins being released into our environment. Mr. Rozek realized that florescent lighting was affecting 25% of all of us, and he decided to champion the switch to LED lighting in all those that he could influence.

However, LED lighting is expensive to convert to for most schools, and commercial property owners. Not to mention that most LED products cannot perform as they are being advertised. So after much research Mr. Rozek and his partners designed, and patented LED products, that could perform at a higher level without the high price tag to procure them for building owners. This has led Mr. Rozek, his partners on a new journey of world sustainability.