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CL-TALON® offers a new generation of easy to install, versatile, high strength, energy efficient cladding support systems. Modular and made from lightweight recycled materials, CL-TALON® reduces material consumption and the impacts of shipping; all while creating an energy efficient building envelope.
CL-TALON® is an innovative and forward thinking company aimed at increasing the building’s exterior envelope energy efficiency, reducing the overall cradle to grave impact of the cladding support system, and reducing the time and complexity involved with the installation of a buildings cladding support system.
Offering a more efficient means of cladding support, CL-TALON®, provides a system which will not only reduce the initial costs and time related to installation, but will continue to provide a return on investment for the life of the building.
The CL-TALON® Cladding Support System has been designed in modular units corresponding to typical construction industry standards to reduce material waste and the time spent on customization. With the CL-TALON® systems unique adaptable design, it is able to manage cope with any imperfections of the sub straight surface, providing a true, level, plumb and square surface for the final cladding to be secured too.
The design of, and methods used, in the fabrication of the CL-TALON® system reduce the long term cradle to grave environmental impact of the product. The various components of the CL-TALON® Cladding Support System are fully recyclable and fabricated from light weight recycled content; while still providing an extremely high strength, lightweight and durable product that reduces the overall material consumption and the environmental impact related to shipping.
The innovative design and materials of the CL-TALON® System create a distinct thermal break between the exterior and interior faces of the building envelope. Reducing the impact of thermal bridging and infiltration, the CL-TALON® System, reduces the energy load and costs required to heat and cool a building, improving the overall thermal resilience of the building’s exterior envelope.