Jonathan Hook | U.S. Green Building Council
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Jonathan Hook

Since 1984, Bath Fitter has redefined how hotels, motels, apartment buildings, large facilities and dormitories can get better bathrooms for the best value. Our quick, clean and efficient process for businesses and other establishments offers a long-term solution with minimal downtime or lost revenue.

Here’s how BATH FITTER bathroom remodeling process sustainability:

>Installing a new bathtub liner or tub surround over the top of the old one eliminates the need to rip out old fixtures. This lightens the load for already overburdened landfills and reduces the amount of debris that needs disposal

>Acrylic bathtubs are good insulators, keeping water hotter longer and saving energy

>Acrylic bathtub and shower materials last a lifetime, which means no need to replace them and less waste in landfills

>Over 75 percent of our shipping is free from the costly use of cardboard, pallets and shrink-wrap

>At our plants, we recycle all the water that we use during the manufacturing process

>BATH FITTER recycles all scrap materials

>BATH FITTER uses non-toxic installation materials and methods