Lida Lewis | U.S. Green Building Council
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Lida Lewis

  • AP-IDC Certified
  • AP-Homes Certified

I believe that learning, stretching and challenging our minds is the best way to keep motivated and alive, in the zone, and in a constant state of flow. In every way, every day, I try to gain new knowledge and expertise so that I can share insights and help plan for the road ahead.

A thirst for knowledge and excellence define who I am, and I’m at my best when this is what I can bring to what I do every day.

The why of it all, the understanding of how not just pretty, but great space is made, fires me up. I want to know more, and because of this have been studying concepts in salutogenic design, environmental psychology, and workplace strategy. I devour anything on the intersection of design and psychology with avid interest. I’m drawn to anything that can help both myself and my clients understand how design strategies can better support their customers, their employees, and themselves. For years now I have found the challenge of incorporating a measure of sustainability into every project a rewarding one, and I’m particularly interested in how the new WELL Building Standard seems poised to combine my loves of so many fields (it rather makes me feel as if I’ve “found my people”).

I am passionate about the practice of design and how spaces designed with very particular functions, emotions, and clients in mind can enhance the lives of those who inhabit it. We spend most of our lives indoors, and if I can help to make the places we live, work, and play more exciting, supportive, and inspiring, I'll consider it a professional life well spent. I want to be on the cutting edge of research, but also as responsive and sensitive as possible to the needs of the client at hand. I'd love to be exposed to as many different types of projects, research, mentors, and sponsors as possible in order to round out my understanding of the human experience and help make my designs as intuitive and resonant as possible with those who use them.