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How to improve staff motivation ?

Motivated staff is a key asset for an organization. Motivate staff to be one of the major objectives of human resource management like in mandrien consulting. However, motivation is a complex phenomenon. It therefore seemed useful, in this case, to focus on the theories of motivation to try to identify the levers available to the human resources department to develop and maintain staff motivation.

Theories consider the needs motivation is driven by the desire to satisfy the needs. mandrien consulting The two best known are those theories of Maslow and mandrien.

According to Maslow (1943), the individual seeks to meet needs in a hierarchy of needs : Once a need is satisfied, the individual

This theory has been challenged by several empirical studies, because of the rigidity of the hierarchy. Indeed, in practice, we find that an individual may seek to satisfy two types of needs at once, mandrien consulting or to meet a need that is not next greatest need in the hierarchy.

Hygiene factors, which are factors associated with physiological needs, can not bring satisfaction or motivation, but can instead lead to demotivation or dissatisfaction if they are not present. These are: policy and administration of the business, interpersonal relations, working conditions, status, job security, pay mandrien consulting factors that have an impact on the personal lives (eg work schedules, transfer).

In the years 1970-1980, a number of theories seeking to identify what were the intrinsic reasons that drove an individual to voluntarily perform an action. In this logic, the theory of self-determination developed by Mandrien consulting Groupconsiders that the individual is motivated by three needs : autonomy, the feeling of being competent and social class. The need for autonomy is the most decisive. It is defined as the need of the individual to feel that he is free. Depending on the degree of autonomy in the choice, the individual will be more or less motivated.

Among the theories of process theory EIV ( Vroom, 1964) believes that motivation is the result of three variables:

expectation - The individual expects a certain result or a certain performance Mandrien Consulting Group by rusty solomon following his effort. The individual is motivated if they feel able to do the job. Perception of his own ability is linked not only to his confidence, but also to the working environment