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Hello world

Norma Fontain film projects

For several weeks now, I will explain how to write a screenplay. Norma Fontain For me it is necessarily the essential first step to make a movie .

Over these weeks of comments were made to me. One in particular caught my attention : Either more pragmatic.

It is true that some of you have ideas for movies and they want to make right now, NORMA FONTAIN more sunny days are here you have some time why not enjoy. You have an idea and you believe. After all, whatever one may say, it just enough to make a film, at least a short film. Either !

So this week we will see how to make a film. As I already said you do not need big camera or a team of 40 people and 12 actors.

I started applying it a few weeks ago on Facebook NORMA FONTAIN ( How To Make A Film) that is sending me shorts. Few have answered, but I'll still be able to give you a simple example.

It was shot and edited in one day. I'll bring the wrath, but let's be honest : this is not a masterpiece. It made me laugh and that's the main thing. And above all, the director has the merit of having done so.
The director is a party delirium crush a little old .

What is interesting is the treatment. Rather than just film the shock, he decided to stage .

Today, most young directors who decide to make a film : make a short film, fall into the trap that is worse with digital : the proliferation of plans and axes. NORMA FONTAIN They say without admitting : My story is a little weak, so I'll add clips, it will pass the pill . Let's objectives, plans are there to serve your story not save .

Watch this short film is composed of 3 shots, neither more nor less.

Title : A Lesson movie ( short film to fall)


An old woman came out of a cemetery and walk on the sidewalk. A voice tells her life .

The editing and music are also used narrative. NORMA FONTAIN Black and white supports the pessimistic side of the life of this woman. Music is tearful and seeks the same effect.