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Richard Kimball

Review Team Lead, Energy/HVAC

Syracuse, New York

I currently work as a Certification Review Team Lead on GBCI's in-house
team. In that role I am responsible for the review of projects pursuing
certification, quality control of LEED reviews, development of CIR responses,
and pilot credit reviews. I'm involved in reviewing LEED v4 projects and am
currently working on developing internal tools to improve GBCI processes.

Prior to joining GBCI I worked as a mechanical consultant. I'm currently a
registered professional engineer in eight states and hold my NCEES
credential. When I'm not working, I volunteer as president of the ASHRAE
Central NY Chapter.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children, riding
ATVs, learning to fix my cars and completing energy efficiency projects on my
house (I recently installed my own geothermal system!).