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Shaya Weinberger

Dover, DE

Being an artist that comes from Delaware is a rare thing these days. Especially an experienced graffiti painter born in the 1971. Having finished a secondary chemical school, Shaya Weinberger gave birth to his interest for chemical paints. Being a fairly successful student, he tried to do something different as a hobby than other students. So that is how he chose graffiti. Being an artist is completely different to being a scientist, a chemist to be exact. So he embraced this new passion of his and copied some graffiti artist styles and had something to begin with...

Work wise, Shaya Weinberger developed into a fine scientist. He was accepted as an optician for short time, but this success was short lived. He worked as a baby sitter for most of the time and was into child care as a part time job, which lately evolved into a full time job. All of this happened while Mr. Shaya Weinberger was in New York, looking for new experiences, new inspirations...

Being a chemist, one could say that he is a scientist. Many professionals would not agree with that of course but in a manner he totally is. He even managed to inspire many colleagues that he worked with in college, and even some of them became top level professional chemists and doctors. Many people would be blessed to know a person like Mr. Weinberger, and some are proud to know him in person. Read Less

Shaya began his career in 1995 in New York, when he traveled there and landed on the famous JFK airport. He witnessed the magnitude firsthand and some graffiti that was painted there...

Shaya Weinberger is a graffiti craftsman from Dover, Delaware. As said prior he began his vocation in New York, in Woodmere to be correct. Having dependably been energized by the free-form and smoothness of graffiti, it is no big surprise he got to be so vigorously submerged in this workmanship. He began an accomplice in 1995, Cheff Coka. The two scholars structured Street Art Exploded, a graffiti team that was in charge of a lot of people huge scale paintings in Central and Northern New Jersey and New York, a large portion of which could be seen along the passenger train line courses. He is additionally the establishing part of the Fresh Collective, a gathering of road and graffiti craftsmen devoted to protecting and reclassifying the urban experience. Shaya Weinberger happened to explore different avenues regarding all mediums of the fine art from lanes to prepare to canvas and even skin. He presently chips away at making new work for individual and gathering presentations and also commission work for private and corporate customers. Presently after numerous years of honing the work of art of graffiti, Shaya Weinberger centers mostly on keeping on evolving his individual style and investigating new venues of articulation.