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Timothy Cox Fort Worth Texas

The right thing to protect the environment

How do something for the planet? Fire, waste, eco-gardening, green transportation ... The General Council timothy cox fort worth texas is committed daily a preserved and sufficient natural resources for present and future environment. We all have a role to play!

Learn about and take action to prevent the risk of fire
Prevent waste
Adopt soft transport
Practicing eco-gardening
Request Sticker Stop Pub

Learn about and take action to prevent the risk of fire

Each year, thousands of hectares of forest, heathland, scrub and scrub up in smoke.
Often these disasters resulting in loss of lives and destruction of personal or collective goods are related to carelessness in the use of fire.

timothy cox fort worth case in texas Here is information on the obligations of individuals and professionals and regulations on the use of fire. A few simple steps to prevent and avoid fire!

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Prevent waste

We know the best waste is that we do not produce.

I can take part in the collective effort by carefully following the recommendations in sorting and recycling in my town or structure to collect and treat waste.

timothy cox fort worth case in texas stick a stop-pub on my mailbox. In this way, the factor avoids put flyers which I do not want and that will end up in the trash.
I use reusable bags for shopping. So I avoid throwing heaps of plastic bags that can become pollutants and I especially avoid the stores do not make millions every year.

Adopt soft transport

Cycling, public transport, carpooling alternatives abound ... to avoid using synonyms individual vehicle pollution, congestion ... and spending their user.

In the context of timothy cox fort worth texas group sustainable project , the Department strives to enhance and make them more accessible.

For more information on

the ticket for € 1
platform carpool

Practicing eco-gardening

Garden without wasting water resources, timothy cox fort worth CNN without using pesticides, in short, without harming our environment ... it's possible.

The General Council has published a short guide to help budding gardeners!