Project Info

Size49,796 sq ft

The Cabanillas Warehouse building has been built in Guadalajara, Spain, with 49,796 m² total gross floor area and was devoted to warehouse and offices use. The new building “Cabanillas Warehouse” is located in Industrial park of the Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara, Spain), which is an area with growth oriented to logistic centers in recent years. 

The Cabanillas Warehouse defines two areas, a warehouse area and office area, with two floors. The building is divided in two parts prepared for two logistic enterprises. The building has four facades, the main at Veguilla Avenue. This project has exceeded various goals they set for themselves to ensure its sustainability, among these are:

LEED certification

Cabanillas Warehouse is the first building certified in LEED v4 BD+C: WDC in the world. 

Sustainable Sites

The selection of products of the exterior surfaces of the construction ensured that heat island doesn't appear, and a percentage of environmental impacts reduce. 

Performing energy modeling

The "Energy Modeling" is a standard practice for construction projects in Spain, but the requirements in LEED v4 exceed the standard, so the LEED requirements are harder because to obtain certification the building must meet the following three prerequisites: Minimum Energy Performance, Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance, and credit Optimize Energy Performance. Even so, the project saves around 50.2 percent of energy using renewable energy production, efficient lighting and air conditioning equipment, etc. The most important being the natural ventilation used in the warehouse by applying bioclimatic science.

Reduce water consumptions

The project team has selected the lowest possible consumption for fixtures and fittings thereby saving more than 52% percent of water.

Project team

  • Owner: MERLIN Properties
  • Project Management: HOCENSA
  • Construct Management: INAP.TK
  • Engineering: PROISOTEC
  • LEED Consultant: Green Building Management (GBM)
  • LEED Team: Jordi Castellano, Helena García, Josep Masachs
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