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LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors v3 - LEED 2009

Citibank Office in Bilbao

C/ Ercilla, 19
Bilbao, 48000

LEED Silver 2013

Since 2011, Citibank has certified their offices in Spain under LEED for Commercial Interiors v2009.

Since 2011, Citibank has certified their offices in Spain under LEED for Commercial Interiors v2009. The LEED process allows the company a more detailed approach to designing and building a sustainable environment. The LEED process improves our investments and economic performance by reducing water and energy expenses while increasing efficiency. The branches are refurbished to provide a comfortable environment for the employees.

The project is located in a downtown area with aesthetic requirements so we were not able to modify exterior appearance of the building. A lease agreement for more than 10 years was negotiated. This agreement does not include parking areas nor energy or water supplies.

One fundamental milestone in the Bilbao project was Energy & Atmosphere environmental category, specially optimize HVAC and equipment & appliances energy performance. Instead of using prescriptive option, to more accurately predict the actual performance of the project we made a simulation to review HVAC system. We learned a lot about the benefits of an energy model simulation and we plan on including this strategy on our next project. Citibank policies already include Energy Star equipment so it was easy for the project to be awarded this credit.

As previously referenced, the project is located in a downtown area with public transportation access and close to existing services to reduce environmental impacts and maximize walkability. The area has a good density with a subway station nearby and access to various bus lines close to the bank office.

The project tries to promote a good indoor environmental quality by improving ventilation and providing occupants the ability to control systems. We use local regulation that is more stringent than ASHRAE so we ensure minimum requirements and ventilation rates over these requirements.

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Project details
3,890 sf
Commercial Office
Urban Core
6 Jun 2013
Data Reporting
Energy Update
Water Update
Transportation Update
Waste Update
Human Experience Update

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