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Size3,904,363 sq ft
Walkscore ®37
Intel has a strong overall commitment to corporate responsibility and to driving improvements in environmental performance over time...By demonstrating the feasibility in a highly-complex manufacturing facility like the one at Ocotillo, this hopefully will encourage other manufacturers and companies to move along this path and achieve cost savings over time through more efficient design.

Intel Corporation's (Intel) Ocotillo Semiconductor Manufacturing Campus in Chandler, Arizona, is one of the first existing and operating campuses of semiconductor manufacturing in the world to receive certification under LEED-EB:O&M, an accomplishment due to the size and complexity of operational facilities at this site. The campus, located on 682 acres with nearly four million square feet of conditioned space, consists of three wafer fabrication plants; two central utility plants that house chillers, boilers, waste, and wastewater treatment; three office buildings with cafés; two process waste buildings; one sort manufacturing building; and one emergency generator building. These buildings share integrated systems that are critical to semiconductor fabrication processes.

Intel decided to pursue LEED after determining that its current method of designing, building, and operating met LEED criteria without the need for major capital investments. During the three-year LEED performance period, Intel achieved $1.58 million in cost savings.

Key project accomplishments included:

  • Cost/Utility Savings
  • Market Competitiveness
  • Organizational Priority
  • Rebates/Incentives
  • Recognition

Site context

The Intel Campus is located in Chandler, Arizona, and is Intel's second-largest site globally. Intel first established a presence in Arizona in 1979 and has two large campuses with about 10,000 employees between them. Intel's Ocotillo campus focuses primarily on high-volume microprocessor manufacturing at state-of-the-art facilities. The campus has a long history of environmental responsibility, going back to the site's participation in the ProjectXL program beginning in the mid-1990s.

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