Project Info

Size151,320 sq ft
The Loma Linda University Health San Bernardino Campus uniquely combines a community clinic with a gateway college, healthy eating bistro and demonstration vegetable garden. The project was envisioned as an avenue to increase the financial viability of the community, an important element of the City’s exit from bankruptcy. The new facility provides patients with primary, dental, ophthalmologic, and OB/GYN care, assistance with enrollment for medical insurance, and classes in nutrition, diabetes care, and other topics. It also delivers opportunities for high school students and adults to prepare for careers in health (such as medical and clinical nurse assistants, and pharmacy and surgery technicians), and offers medical residents at Loma Linda University School of Medicine a setting for clinical rotations. With whole person patient-centered healthcare as the objective, LEED certification with a focus on health seemed a natural extension. The initiative that began with asbestos abatement of a former commercial/industrial site, ran like a current throughout the design and construction process and into the everyday operation and programming of the facility. Even the site was designed to be used as a teaching tool, with a garden of mixed edible plants adjacent to the community classrooms, and another showcasing medicinal plants integrated into the vegetarian café’s outdoor dining courtyard.
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