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Project Info

Size69,040sq ft
“Racagni Primary School” in Parma has been built with the aim of providing a modern, safe and eco-friendly building to the people of this borough of Pablo. The school has three floors: ground floor, first floor and second floor. It is composed of a reinforced concrete central body and two wings whose wooden structure is in compliance with the latest anti-seismic regulations. There are 15 classrooms, five special rooms, five laboratories, a canteen with an area dedicated to food preparation, an auditorium, a computer room, a circular hall on three levels, a gym with changing rooms, bathrooms and didactic offices. Thanks to a dedicated entrance and separate sections, the public can utilize the auditorium, computer room and gym. As regards the architectural structure, this building is characterized by a circular hall on three levels, a real “agora,” which is lit by a large skylight — 10 meters in diameter. The front of the building has been embellished with a greenhouse. It consists of two glass sides and eaves. The glass sides catch the sunlight in winter, whereas the eaves guarantee the shadow in summer when the sun rises towards its zenith. All these features in addition to the high level of insulation, lack of thermal bridges and the air-tight blower door test makes this school a “class A building.” Moreover, it boasts a 54 kilowatt peak (kWp) solar photovoltaic power system on the roof and a system of solar panels for hot water production. The green roof is covered with sedum plants and succulents which grow with little soil and water. For this reason an irrigation system is not required. The botanical garden on the second-floor terrace represents a safe place where children can practise gardening as an educational activity. The electrical and mechanical systems are regulated automatically by automation systems (KNX Protocol). The LED lighting system is equipped with an automatic control, depending on the quantity of natural light inside the rooms. Building materials have been chosen on the basis of the percentage of recycled content and on the basis of provenance. The municipality of Parma expressed the desire to obtain LEED certification in order to have 360-degree recognition in the field of environmentally-friendly buildings.