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LEED BD+C: Homes v3 - LEED 2008

Proyecto Siqueiros

David Alfaro Siqueiros
Saltillo, COA 25254

LEED Silver 2017

As emerging architects we want to create sustainable awareness and set the example in our country, demonstrating that design can go hand in hand with sustainability. A lack of environmental culture still exists today, we have managed to raise awareness among interested parties with optimal results.

Siqueiros is the first house in Mexico with LEED silver certification. Careful attention was paid in order to obtain most benefits of architecture and sustainability, taking as parameter as the construction system, design, orientation and illumination detail were considered in this 600 square meter project, where first floor is 248.68 square meters, second floor is 225.45 square meters and the green area 103.42 square meters. It has 3 bedrooms, an interior and exterior social area, home theater, and an exterior bar and a pool.

The project construction system was characterized by basic aspects from the beginning, such as complete recycling throughout the construction, to the application of automation technology once inhabited in order to create an environmentally friendly project from its inception and through development. The perimetral shell of the house was built with blocks of cellular concrete that has several advantages: in addition to the faster installation speed, it also provides added thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and protection against humidity. Furthermore the insulation of the house was reinforced with the use of double glass windows with argon gas in the middle. These windows were used throughout the house. Foamular polystyrene with the function of thermal insulation was used on the roof.

In terms of energy, the use of solar panels and LED technology helped reduce the energy consumption.
The use of rainwater and a graywater system for irrigation and sanitary ware captures as much water as possible and passes it through a naturally activated carbon filter that reduces overall water consumption

In addition to designing a house, we were concerned about creating a home that provides a totally personalized space with consideration for the environment and the different personalities of the inhabitants. Therefore distribution, selection of materials, colors, scale, shape and lighting were used to create a feeling of comfort and identity between user and space. The Siqueiros Project shows innovation by blending design, function and sustainability and obtaining a high acceptance from the user.

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Project details
6,564 sf
28 Feb 2017
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