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Size6,219 sq ft
The Rock Creek Regional Park Maintenance Yard was designed to replace a nonfunctional maintenance facility that was inadequate and badly deteriorated after decades of service. Constructing a new maintenance yard in a park setting with minimal environmental impact was a major challenge. The Administration Building is the only building designed to achieve Gold LEED certification. It is constructed of brick on the upper level and ground-face CMU on the lower level. The roof is made of metal with a higher reflection index color. It has a raised center allowing natural light to enter the building from every side to light the multi-purpose room and office areas. The 18 photovoltaic panels on the roof, conserve 15 percent of the total energy costs. The solar water heater heats circulated water and stores it for use in the toilet and locker rooms. Recycled materials make 23 percent and the regional materials make 45 percent of the total building materials by value. As a renewable construction material, 92 percent of the total wood-based building materials are certified by Forest Stewardship Council. This building is designed with ground source heat pump which significantly reduces the energy required to heat and cool the building. An energy modeling program was employed to help optimize the energy performance of the building. The building orientation together with a well-insulated building envelope and use of energy efficient windows and shades contribute to an overall savings of 31.97 percent energy cost. Another environmentally friendly feature was the use of rainwater harvesting system which collects and filters rainwater from the roof and uses it to flush toilets. This feature in combination with water conserving high-efficiency fixtures reduces consumption of potable water by at least 47 percent. Health, comfort, minimal environmental impact and lifecycle cost savings which were some of the primary objectives for this project have successfully been met.
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