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LEED BD+C: New Construction v3 - LEED 2009

Softtek Aguascalientes III Etapa

Av. Garza Sada #902
Aguascalientes, 20328

LEED Platinum 2016

Softtek Aguascalientes III Etapa is a facility for IT services and business process solutions. Softtek helps improve time-to-business-solution, lower costs of existing applications, deliver better engineered and tested applications, and produce predictable outcomes for top-tier corporations in over 20 countries.

The project located in Aguascalientes is featured with unique systems, achieving the highest LEED level, Platinum. This facility is a case of technological advances implemented in a building.

Sustainability goals were established by a multidisciplinary team at the beginning of the project and were incorporated during the whole process (design, construction and operation). Some of the achievements in Softtek Aguascalientes III are:

  • Feasible options to encourage alternative transportation.
  • Native and adaptive vegetation was installed in 100 percent of green areas to reduce water consumption and promote biodiversity.
  • Potable water consumption was reduced in 40 percent using high efficient and low consumption fixtures.
  • The project achieved increasing levels of energy performance beyond the prerequisite standard (40 percent reduction) to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use.
  • Efficient lighting using LED luminaries and high performance HVAC systems design helped achieving energy consumption reduction.
  • The project has a Waste Management Policy for paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, organic and inorganic waste. Also, during construction the project diverted construction and demolition debris from disposal in landfills and incineration facilities. Redirect recyclable recovered resources back to the manufacturing process and reusable materials to appropriate sites. Achieving a 75 percent of diverted material.
  • The materials used in the project were carefully selected, 31 percent of them were regional materials to reduce emissions from transportation. Also, 21 percent of the materials have some recycled content to reduce natural resources consumption.
  • Achieving users health and comfort was one of the main sustainable goals. Due to this, the project complies with ASHRAE 55-2004 Standard for Thermal Comfort, ASHRAE 62.1-2007 Standard for Ventilation requirements, all of the finishes, adhesives, paint and sealers have low VOCs content and smoking is prohibited in the whole building.
  • A social equity credit was achieved by implementing a program to train community and neighbors who are in a state of marginalization.

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Project details
46,150 sf
5 May 2016
Data Reporting
Energy Update
Water Update
Transportation Update
Waste Update
Human Experience Update

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