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LEED v2009 Water Use Reduction Calculator

LEED version: v2009
Excel doc
  • updated 07/14/2014: for use by v2009 O+M, BD+C and ID+C projects
  • file re-uploaded on 7/21/2015 because issue with gender ratio checkbox
  • updated 01/07/2016 - removed India ACP option per addendum
  • updated 1/27/2017 - corrected ice machine baseline numbers for retail on process water and instructions tabs (v07)
  • updated 7/11/2017 - updated calculators to 3 decimal places - see form update 5000078 for details (v08).
  • ID+C: Note that ID+C projects must complete the WEp1 Water Use Reduction calculations based only on the fixtures located within the tenant space (LEED project boundary). Upload a separate calculator for the WEc1 Water Use Reduction calculation as necessary that includes all fixtures that meet the needs of the LEED-ID+C project occupants, including fixtures that may be located outside the tenant space.
ID: v08
Published On: 14 Jul 2014
Effective On: 14 Jul 2014