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Higher Education Demonstration Example

A campus building that recently earned LEED Gold certification undertook a similar review of its eligibility under the LEED NC module. With a 37% improvement in EUI over code, it readily surpassed the 25% performance benchmark threshold requirement. Reflecting the building’s small size, the 7 tons of CO2 per year that would be generated in credits nonetheless generated a 1.5-3% return on incremental capital, comparable to the value of utility incentives on the region, based on the $3/square foot that LEED estimates is needed to deliver outstanding LEED performance levels and a 10 year stream of carbon credits. A campus laboratory similarly discovered that its design could enable it to be eligible for Chevrolet funding by achieving more than a 20% improvement in EUI within a single year, under the EB-A route. With design specs for the building indicating a 25% improvement was likely, this translated into credits of 990 CO2 tons per year. Again taken over a 10 year period at $5-10/ton CO2, this offered a potential 15-30% return on incremental capital – a significant motivation to ensure that the laboratory would indeed deliver on its fullest potential in practice. These building’s pro forma excel templates can be reviewed alongside the EPA Target Finder summaries that resulted. NOTE: to access case example materials, click the DOWNLOAD button. Links to related materials are located in the right sidebar.