LEED Project Team Checklist for Social Impact

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With any building project, there are opportunities for great and positive social impacts for those affected directly and indirectly by the work. If considered from the onset of the project, the entire project team, working with intended users and members of the surrounding community, can set the stage for making the project truly reflect the desires and needs of those who will be living in it, working in it, or affected by it.

This Checklist for social impact is intended to encourage the team to focus on what is possible - by raising questions that are not often asked, or only asked once it is too late to have real impact. If the items below are addressed fully and early, the result can be a project that will celebrate values, dreams and goals of all people involved and impacted by the work.

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This checklist is available in Spanish here.
Published On:
Published by: Mandy Lee
Authored by: LEED Social Equity Working Group