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Maximum Concentrations of Contaminants (IEQc3.2)

Table of Maximum Concentrations for Contaminants, CI 2009 Retail


Maximum Concentration

EPA Compendium method

ISO method


27 parts per billion


ISO 16000-3

Particulates (PM10)

50 micrograms per cubic meter


ISO 7708

Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs)

500 micrograms per cubic meter


ISO 16000-6

4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH) *

6.5 micrograms per cubic meter


ISO 16000-6

Carbon monoxide (CO)

9 parts per million and no greater than
2 parts per million above outdoor levels


ISO 4224

*This test is required only if carpets and fabrics with styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) latex backing are installed as part of the base building systems.

2009 EDITION (108 Pages)
ID: CIRetail2009_IEQc3.2_Table1
ISBN: 978-1-932444-37-7
Authored By: Joel Housman
Effective On: 27 Apr 2009