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Minimum Energy Performance Calculator v2009

LEED version: v2009
Excel doc

This file must be used for group certification projects, in accordance with the LEED Application Guide for Multiple Buildings and On-Campus Building Projects..

Additionally, for single-building projects, this file may be used to document the LEED 2009 requirements for EA Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance in lieu of the Table 1.4 spreadsheet and the majority of the data in the EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance Form.

Note: If using ASHRAE 90.1-2010 per LEED Interpretation 10421, please use the v4 Minimum Energy Performance spreadsheet in lieu of this spreadsheet.

  • v09 updated 7/25/2017 - see form update 5000079 for list of updates
  • v08 updated 4/14/2017 - see form update 5000076 for list of updates
  • v07 updated 9/13/2016 - changes listed below
    • Baseline System Helpful Notes Section has been updated in the Water-Side HVAC tab
    • District energy system (DES) Path 3 calculations have been revised
    • Optional notes column has been added to each tab for project teams to provide further clarification
    • Exceptional calculation formulas have been revised
    • Performance upgrade to the General Information tab has been implemented
    • Baseline case fan power formulas have been updated
    • Lighting table language has been updated (v2009)
    • Exterior lighting quality assurance (QA) checks have been updated
    • Further guidance has been provided for determining unitary cooling efficiency in the Helpful Notes section of the Air-Side HVAC tab
    • Performance Outputs tab formulas have been revised to be more robust for multiple building projects
    • Summary tab formulas have been revised to reference total cost savings with and without renewable energy contribution
    • Receptacle Equipment Modeling Method tables have been revised to be more robust for multiple building projects
  • v06 updated 5/16/2016 - (file dated April 18 2016) The referenced energy codes in the General Information tab were revised to “ASHRAE 90.1 2007 Appendix G” and “California Title-24 2005, Part 6”.
  • v06 updated 03/07/2016 - macro error
  • v06 published 01/04/2016
  • Please follow the instructions in the Instructions tab. The spreadsheet includes the following updates from the earlier version of the spreadsheet:

    • Includes the option for single-building or multiple-building (group certification) reporting.
    • Added the option for SI or IP units.
    • Includes a multifamily residential tab which provides specific support in modeling residential energy efficiency measures such as water heating flow reductions, Energy Star appliances, etc.
    • Includes enhanced quality control checks for both inputs and outputs, intended to help the project team in the energy model quality control process, and correct common modeling issues before submitting the project for review.
    • Streamlines reporting requirements for group certification projects that are all modeled in a single energy model.
ID: v09
Published On: 7 Jan 2016