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table 1 part 4

Lighting requirement

ASHRAE 90.1–2007

ASHRAE 90.1–2010

Threshold for retrofit compliance


Alterations that involve less than 50% of connected lighting load in space or area need not comply with lighting power density or auto-shutoff requirements, provided that such alterations do not increase installed LPD

Less than 10% of connected load

Lighting power density

9.4.5; 9.4.6


Reduced; average 17% in space types, more for retail display lighting

Automatic shutoff

Required in buildings >5,000 ft2 (465 m2)

Required in all spaces

Additional control


All spaces to have general lighting controls, manual or automatic

All spaces are required to have vacancy sensors or occupancy sensors to 50% or less of lighting power

Space controls

Classrooms, conference rooms, and break rooms must have occupancy sensor or time switch that turns light off within 30 minutes

More space types added, including offices, restrooms, dressing rooms, and training, copy, and storage rooms

Light level reduction


Spaces must have controls that reduce power level by 30–70% of connected load in addition to off mode.

Lighting in daylit zones


Automatic, multilevel daylighting controls installed in sidelit areas >250 ft2 (23 m2) and toplit areas >900 ft2 (84 m2)

Parking garage lighting


Auto-shutoff, power must be reduced by 30% when no motion for 30 minutes, auto-daylight control on perimeter

Exterior lighting

Lighting must be controlled by photosensor or time switch

At night light must either be off or operated at reduced level

Functional testing



All installed controls must be tested