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USGBC Antitrust Compliance Policy

The USGBC Antitrust Compliance Policy is intended to provide direction in areas of concern, and includes instructions on what to do when confronted with a problem or when looking for clarification.

The Antitrust Compliance Policy contains an important U.S. Green Building Council policy regarding antitrust law compliance. The antitrust compliance policy has been developed by USGBC attorneys and approved by the Board of USGBC. It should be studied, understood and followed by each member of USGBC, the employees of each member who are involved in the activities of USGBC, and the officers and employees of USGBC. This policy will be incorporated in USGBC’s employee handbook.

This policy is consistent with the broader USGBC philosophy - that is, to conduct our relations and activities, both internal and external, with high legal and ethical standards. Please read this statement carefully and with the broader principle in mind. It is intended to provide direction in areas of particular concern, and should not be construed with an eye for loopholes or circumvention. Following the statement is a brief set of instructions on what to do if you or your employees are confronted with a possible problem or if you want further explanation or clarification.

Each member and employee of USGBC has an individual obligation to comply with USGBC’s antitrust compliance policy. Any member or employee who intentionally violates the antitrust compliance policy will be subject to severe disciplinary action, including possible expulsion from USGBC.

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Authored By: USGBC
Published On: 11 Feb 2015